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  Please be aware that some large plant hire vehicles are on site performing essential maintenance. For your own safety, please ensure that you stay well away from them.
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Following the latest Government advice, Hatchlands Trout Farm will be opening under normal operating procedures for the foreseeable future. However, in the event of a more serious coronavirus mutation changing this situation, we will then revert to the following procedures:

1. Are you fit to fish? - In order to minimise risk of infection to others, we ask all anglers to check, before they leave home, that neither they, nor any others within their household, has EITHER a high temperature OR a new, continuous cough. If you have then please stay home.

2. Minimum safe distance - In order to maintain a safe distance between anglers, Hatchlands will be limiting numbers of anglers to 10 anglers, marking pegs from where you can fish and limiting movement between pegs.

While some movement is necessary, all anglers MUST maintain a minimum safe distance of AT LEAST 2 metres between themselves and other anglers.

3. Personal Protective Equipment - To keep people safe, we ask anglers to use Personal Protective Equipment. This must be donned before handling any communal equipment and before discussions at a safe distance with our staff or other anglers.

4. Pre-booking - To avoid disappointment, we urge anglers to telephone Peter Shazell, Fisheries Manager, on 07768772473 before arrival at the site. Failure to do this may result in disappointment.

5. Two fish limit - If demand is high, we may be placed in the position of limiting anglers to two fish per person.

6. When arriving at the fisheries, please go to office, dress in your PPE, go to sign in and take a copy of the Hatchlands Covid19 guidance. Once taken, please sign register to highlight that you are compliant to the guidelines set out and will remain compliant whilst on site.
With many of our customers vulnerable to Covid, we are following government advice in regard to our operating procedures. Our Covid rules and procedures may be reached through the links at the bottom of the page.