In our bottom lake, which is where our biggest carp are to be found, we have a variety of sizes and species to whet your appetite. Whether you like to leger or float fish, you can have some fun while holding out in the hopes of something bigger taking an interest in your bait.

Because of the size of the carp, we do ask that anglers bring with them knotless mesh landing nets of sufficient size to handle them. A carp unhooking mat is also essential gear since carp flapping about on the ground can easily damage themselves.
While all of our coarse fish must be returned as gently as possible, which is why we insist on barbless hooks, the top lake offers visiting anglers good fun on the pole. The fish stocked in this lake are mostly silver fish but there are some carp and other species to be found, like the perch being held by the angler below. Because of the dense nature of the natural vegetation, most anglers stick to float fishing, which can be very productive. We have seen some bulging keep nets in our times!

It is a good place to bring inexperienced youngsters to try their luck on whips. The large numbers of fish will help to keep their interest while the marauding attentions of the occasional perch can also help to fire their enthusiasm. There are some good-sized perch in this lake although not many people actually fish for them. It makes you wonder just how big they really are?
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Variety of species on our specimen coarse lake
Silver fish and small carp on our beginner's lake
Hard fighting rainbows in our fly fishing lake with occasional blues and browns.
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