With sizes ranging from 1.5 lbs to 5 lbs plus, our rainbows are ideal for light tackle anglers, like this angler using a 3 wt fly rod. They are also perfect for anglers new to fly fishing, like the young lady in the photograph above.
Our fly fishing lake is rich in insect life, helping our stocked trout to adapt quickly to the change from pond to natural diet. As a result they offer visiting anglers a superb challenge.

Sometimes, for a bit of variety, we stock browns and blue trout. All of them however respond well to a variety of flies with nymphs and dry flies both particularly good.

Imitative flies always seem to do well with a bit of green in subsurface flies perhaps echoing the natural insect life found in the lake. For those who like dry flies, keep your eye out for the telltale signs of fish rising to a hatch. Spot what they are feeding on and you could be in for a very good session.
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